Welcome to Mukta

Mukta, a social service organization that brings good people and good causes together, stands on the power of volunteering.

Our vision is to -

  • Create a community of passionate, driven and creative individuals who wish to propel a social change.
  • Build a strong collaboration and cooperation amongst the social change agents

We believe that a strong public, private and social sector partnership is essential to create a systemic social change. Mukta aims to achieve the objective through: 

  • Collaboration – Create an environment for cooperation and collaboration among the constituent organizations (nonprofits, corporate and government). It is in building this partnership that we could harness the power of volunteering.
  • Outreach – Working with credible nonprofit organizations. We seek to identify opportunities to help volunteers and nonprofits find each other, work together and develop strong relationships.
  • Communication – Disseminating information about relevant social initiatives through the website, e-groups and e-newsletters
  • Empowerment – Make NGOs more effective and efficient.
This image represents Mukta's philosophy - Collaboration, Communication and Outreach in Synergy

Anyone who cares about and is relentless in the pursuit of building a more equitable society is welcome to join the Mukta community.

If you are an NGO or an NPO looking for partnerships and volunteers, you may want to check the partners link.

If you are an individual looking for volunteer opportunities to help out, contact us

If you have queries, suggestions or comments related to Mukta, please visit our FAQ section or contact us

Latest Update
Mukta was registered as a charitable trust on 16th May 2007. Mukta's registration number is BNG(U)-BGR-17/2007-08 (Begur Subregistrar's office).

We are happy to announce the integration of Mukta Website with Google Maps API. Visit: http://map.muktafoundation.org and you can see the exact location of our partner

Volunteers required for website development and management. Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to know more. 

Volunteers required to volunteer at Lal Bagh to make it a green and a plastic free zone. Please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.

Know a Mukta Volunteer


Sharada Prasad, Volunteer, Bangalore Chapter 

Volunteerism is about getting into action, mingling with people and working for a common objective. Through Mukta I have been able to achieve this. I now feel that I am not alone in my pursuit and that there is hope still left in this world. Through active volunteering, volunteers at Mukta have carved a society of their own.


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